Go into all the world and make disciples

At E.W.C. we believe its important not only to go to church but also to BE the church. Jesus told his followers that as much as they serve the “least of these” that they were in fact serving him. So at E.W.C. we regularly look for ways to engage the culture by meeting needs we see around the world.

Currently we have missionaries serving in 4 different locations throughout the world. Our Missions program is diverse in it’s locations that we serve, yet unified in it’s mission: To Reach The World For Jesus Christ.

We as a church have partnered with

  • Hope House International – Braisteds
  • The Roanoke Rescue Mission
  • Global Partners – Barry & Christy Van Steenburg
  • Global Partners – Bob & Brenda Bagley

If you would like more information regarding our Missions Program or how you can help support our missionaries, please email

E.W.C. we want to do more than tell people Jesus loves them, we want to show them his love in practical ways with no strings attached.